Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things we Enjoyed in June

I know i had several post for June. But i wanted to share some things that did not get posted that we enjoyed. This Month we went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Celebrated Fathers Day, Went to a Corp picnic, enjoyed a day at the water park, Christopher went to the dentist for the first time, and we enjoyed a day of hiking at Bass Lake. But there were things that we also enjoyed that i did not write about.

We spent endless days at the pool. This month Christopher started jumping in the pool alone and going underwater. Everybody, has been so impressed with his skills.
Me and Jaime started wine tasting on the Madera Wine Trail. I just hope that we will get to visit all the wineries before we move

Chris spent many days outdoors and playing in the dirt
I'm sad to say Boston Celtics lost to the LA Lakers. In a great series. We still love you Boston

We took Christopher bowling twice this month. Every time he just loved it. Maybe he will get his father's Red Rhino.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

SPK District Picnic: USACE

Elk Grove, Ca
So this year Jaime decided he wanted to go to his district picnic. The had it in Elk Grove at the Rotary Park. Just wanted to share a couple of the pictures from the day. Christopher really loved trying to hula hoop and Frisbee. Angela dressed up like Bobby the Beaver. Alyson dressed up as Bobber the Water Safety Dog. Everyone had a wonderful and sunny day.
PS sorry to make this short but Blogger was giving me trouble with the pictures, so I'm giving up.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Father Day's 2010

Happy Father's Day
We are so grateful to have you in our lives. We work very hard for Christopher & I. Whether you are spending time doing things that Christopher enjoys or working hard to give us those things, your commitment to this family is something that we will never forget. Christopher is the luckiest Son. Thank you for everything.
Love a lucky mom and a much luckier wife.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is your summer plan?

May has come and gone. With June slipping by, our summer is slowly passing us by... I asked my self what is the plan for summer?
June: Well in June we have already been to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Wild Water Adventures, and on several short day hikes. I cant forget all our days lounging pool side. Also Christopher has already spent a week in Corning with his grandparents. I'm sure he had a full schedule of events. Starting off with SF Zoo, Pier 39, caper acres, company picnic, and even a birthday party. For the rest of the month we have the USACE picnic in Elk Grove, maybe another Baseball game, some more hiking trips, and still possibly a visit from the grandparents. And we cant forget Fathers Day
July: Not sure what Christopher and I will do, but Jaime has to work 4th of July night. "For the 2nd year in a row" :( The 2nd week in July Jaime's mom will come to stay with Chris for our anniversary. July 6th-8th, we will head to Oakland, Ca. We spend a little time all over. Jack London Square, SF, A's vs Yankee's, and who know what else. Christopher will spend another week up in Corning. I will also go to my gf baby shower  in Santa  Rosa. I'm sure me and Jaime will hit up YNP and do some hiking. The Last week of July we will spend at our friends cabin In north Tahoe, and both our families will join us.
August: hopefully by this time we know where we are going to be living. So i can get Chris enrolled in school. I turn 34 this August, and we are planning a Chico trip with our college friends Amanda & Bryan
That is what i got so far. I just like being with our family and friends. Relaxing and enjoying life

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wild Water Adventures

Wild Water Adventures: Last month Jaime & I took Christopher to see a Fresno Grizzles game. In return they gave us a couple free tickets to the water park. Since it was around 100 today Chris & I headed over to Clovis. It was quite the drive, 45mins :(. When we go to the Island, its like 15mins at the most. But it was will worth the drive. Last year Alyson brought us to the same park, so i was wondering if he would remember. And sure enough he did. This time around i got him to go down the green water slides in the children section. The drop off is in about 2 feet of water, and I was surprised that he did not mind going underwater. One time he held his breath and swam alittle. He had so much fun, i could not even get him to sit and eat lunch. So I was not surprised when a mother came to me, and told me Christopher just pulled down his swim trunks and peed down the octopus slide LOL. I mean what do you say to the mother when they tell you that. Thanks, "Now i know he does not need to go." or Thanks, "Let me get our things and get the hell outta here."
Oh well things happen. I was the mother who let her son piss down the slide, and do nothing about it. I wasn't worried, because we wont be going back there, and i will never see them again.
At the end of the day 2:45 Christopher came to me and said he was sleepy, and needed to go pee. So of course i sent him back to the water slide from earlier. LOL just kidding. I knew he would be hungry and thought he would sleep as soon as the car started.
Sure enough, he devoured a PB sandwich, and thing of chips, Gatorade, and then passed out. Slept all the way home & and did not wake until 630ish. The End.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

This past Monday June 7th, Jaime parents invited us down to Discover Kingdom in Vallejo, Ca. Jaime brother Joe took the week off, so he was taking his family too. The night before we went, Jaime and I were trying to figure out When the last time we were there. I looked back through my pregnancy journey. The date was July 17th, 2006. That morning Jaime, Lynn, and I went to get my 2nd sonogram. It was that day i found out i was having a boy, and we named him Christopher Gene. So it did bring back alot of memories from that day. Also things have changed alot in 4 years. They put in a Thomas Town, and did several more updates. We were pleased. Christopher enjoyed him self to the fullest and so did we. I think as a parent it brings you a lot of joy to see your little ones happy. Jaime and I used to love to go on all the big scary rides, and wait in line the whole time. But this time, it was fun taking it easy and watching Christopher enjoy his day to the fullest. His cousin Alissa was great, she really likes to be with Christopher, so she did a lot of things with him. Timothy was off with his dad, riding all the big rides and getting as much in as he could. I didn't get a lot of pictures today. But i wanted to share a few of them with you.
This one is for you Mark.
9 tickets to Six flags $279
4 Beers $42
Lunch at the car $25ish
Walking back and forth to the car several time $sore body the next day
Watching your kids and grand kids have the time of their life PRICELESS.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Christopher 1st Dental Appointment

On June 3rd, 2010 Christopher went to his first dentist apt. I didn't know what to expect at all. There are so many dentist out there, how would i know Christopher would like them. So i called Aetna, and got a list of dentist i could use. I then opened up the yellow pages; cause sometimes they have pictures of what these people look like LOL. To my surprise I see 2 young females who look like twins. Crystal & Sabrina Nassar. So i called to see if they were taking new patients. And lucky for me they were. This office was so Awesome. Christopher loved it. The girl and guy taking his X-ray, were so good to him. When Crystal came in to see us, she picked him up and took him to the computer to let him see his teeth. He was smiling from ear to ear. It was pretty cool for me to see to. He has 2 sets in there. His Baby and Adult. Her and Christopher counted his teeth. He told her, he has 4. She laughed and said you better have 20 in there, or there will be some problems. So they counted away. 10 on top and 10 on bottom. She told him that equal 20. But he told her it equaled 5. The rest was simple. Fluoride and Cleaning. As simple as i say it. He opened up and she did her job. After they were done, he asked alot of questions about the tools, and she gave me quick and simple answers. He was happy and nodded his head. Then he headed off the the Treasure Chest to claim his prize. My made his next apt. for Dec.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bass Lake: The Way of the Mono Trail

This summer our goal is to do alot more hiking. We want Christopher to enjoy the great outdoors, and get some great exercise while he does it. But not only that we take for granted all hiking that is right in our backyard. Christopher was able to walk 1mile last year, but we also took the jogger alot. Today we took Christopher up to Bass Lake. There was a short trail. .8 miles with elevation gain of about 300feet. We could not have asked for better weather. Christopher enjoyed it so much, that he asked to do another loop, but we told him that we would just head down to the lake and he could play in the water. We saw and heard many different animals and sounds today. We saw some Big Black Bees the size of small birds, and they were so loud. Christopher thought it was pretty cool. I was very nervous. Looking forward to more hiking trips this summer with the family.