Monday, October 26, 2009

Email from WB Productions

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3 157 640 ANNA LISA BOWDEN 34 0:23:44 7:39
4 802 1811 CRYSTAL RAMIREZ 33 0:23:45 7:40

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Susan G Komen Race For The Cure

Central Valley RFTC October 24, 2009
CSU Fresno

I want to start out by posting these pictures that were from the end of the day. But i felt they were so important. You can not tell by this picture, but my mother was very exhausted and overwhelmed. It was a long day for her physically and emotionally. But I'm round to say that she still looked as beautiful as ever, and you could not tell that she was tired. And I'm ever so proud to have a mother like her, and to be her daughter. This leg of the Susan G Komen had more than 6,600 participates and around 500 breast cancer survivors. The community raised $372,500, and all that money will stay in Central Valley helping women like my mother. I'm so happy that my mother was apart of this, and i hope every year following we still attend one of these in our area. I think that my mom needed this day. It is so important for women to know that they are not alone, and that there are others just like them. All 500 of these women my have a different breast cancer story, but they all have one thing in common they are survivors. And each of them are fighting for the same thing a cure....

The Crew: I'm so happy to say that we had a very memorable day. I'm so thankful that my Mother and Father In-Law "Lynn & Mark", where there with us to make this day the best we could for my mother. I think that i can speak for everyone and say, that we were so impress by the volunteers and the committee of people that put on this event. They made it a special day for everyone involved. Someone recently asked me, if my mother has a support group to attend. I told them of all of her friends, and how each of them bring something different to my mother's life. I guess i should have said her support group goes to her. Lynn has been a great friend to my mother for many years. And a even better friend to her since we have all learn she was diagnosed. But i guess we should just say family, 15 years is a enough time to call each other family. It is nice to know that my mom has friends and family that care so much about her. It is reassuring to know that she is being taken care of when i can not be there. So a huge thanks goes to many..

The 1 walk.... I was wondering before we even left how my mom would do? Even though in the back of my mind, i knew she would finish and do great. She had all of us cheering her on. Before the walk start, my mother and i went to the car. She has told me that it was not very far. I did not want to tell her that she was wrong. "I know mom you will be reading this, but i figured you would figure it out, and i know you don't like me to tell you what to do..." anyways it was a long walk, she was literally needing a break. So we stretched out the blanket, and she relaxed until it was time for the walk. I'm happy to report that we walked through the pink balloons as a family..

Christopher had a wonderful day. He did great, considering we all got up at 6am. He enjoyed the sunshine, and getting to spend the day with his grandmothers, and grandpa Ramirez. He was a little mad that we were only walking 1 mile. He wanted to follow the white straight line down the road... He was also mad the the squirrel ran up the tree and the way to the car. But we made it home in one piece, so I'm calling it a great day.

At 8am in the morning i ran the 5k women's race. The announcer said it was the first time that the race for the cure let the women run a "All women race" I wish i would have ran a little faster, but i also wish for a lot of other things. And I'm thankful to say i finished this race for my mother, and i was glad she was there at the finish line waiting for me. Lynn had told me later, that my mom cried when i ran through the finish line. I was very touch that it meant so much for my mom to see me run for her.
On a side note: When i left the house, i told Jaime that i was going to try and place in my age group, and then give my mother my medal. During the award ceremony, i thought for sure that i had won a medal. They never called my name. I'm sad to report that i was very upset. I'm not sure why, i guess i just disappointed that i tried so hard, and i been running so much. Later Lynn and I went to the restroom, and i seen the time sheets up. I told Lynn lets see what my time was. I searched that whole sheet for my name, and finally seen it at the end. It said my time was 53:44 i was like what? So i went and stood in line to talk to someone in the time booth. So what i found out was that they put me in the MEN"S Race... LOL . so i filled out some paper, and to come to find out. I won 2nd in my age group... They want me to write a letter to the Komen Board, so that i can get my medal. But i don't think i will. Mistakes happen, and i know my time. Everyone that finished the race, and showed up for that event is a winner. And I'm thankful for supporting a great cause.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Bear Creek Pumpkin Patch

Last year we went came to the Bear Creek pumpkin patch and we really enjoyed it. This year now that we live in Madera, we looked for one in the Fresno Area, but we did not see anything that we like. So we decided to head back to this one out in Planada. It is small, but everyone is super friendly and they have a Corn Maze that is small enough for Christopher to enjoy. We were not sure, what to expect this year with Chris. Since he is a year older and all. But it was quite a morning. As long as we stay in the area, this will be our yearly pumpkin patch trip. Luckily we went during Jaime's Birthday weekend.

This year the Corn Maze was a little wet. We are guessing from the rain the previous week we had. And we are guess that the corn was down, due to the wind.

Even though it was wet, we still had a great walk. Christopher got a little mad that he could not bring his wagon, so on the way back he wanted to run. Low and Behold he fell. And to answer you thoughts, yes he got all muddy.

Christopher was thankful to get his wagon back, and get to the pumpkins. We told him he could pick out 2 big one for the family and then one little one to call his own.

He did a great job, considering there were a lot to choose from.

But we did come home with 3 really nice pumpkins.
After we picked the 3 out, Christopher started throwing the rest. There was a big hill down the back side of the barn, Chris thought it would be fun to roll them down. Luckily they did not make any more

Our Family

The Ramirez Family Potato's

Christopher just loves Mr Potato Head, ever since his teacher brings them over. When we were at Costco with Grandma Ramirez we seen the Potato Family set and she bought it for him. He loves to get out the Mom, Dad, and just one of the kids. He gets them just like he wants them, and then pretends they are mom, dad, and Chris. It is just hilarious to watch them role with them. It is so funny watching him put all the body parts on. Sometimes daddy gets the pink lips, and he is not that happy. But most of the time they look like this. This night Chris wanted mommy eyes, and he gave me 2 noses. But it is so much fun. He also wants me and Jaime to play with them, and then he asked us for hugs. Anyways just wanted to share. Me and Jaime get a huge kick out of it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

artBeast: Children Studio

Children's Studio
Ok so Jaime is in a Leadership Class and is on a Water Safety Council at work. So needless to say we will be spending many days the next several months in downtown Sacramento. We always do the normal Zoo, Old Sac, and Parks. But now the that Fall and Winter are arriving outdoor exploring may not always be a choice. So i did some research before we head to Sac. I found an awesome site. and within this site i found the artbeast, and it was right down the street from our hotel, so that was even better. They have membership's and open studio time. It cost me and Chris $16 for the day, but we got in and out privileges. so we went in the morning for a couple of hours and then went back after we ate lunch and stayed for a couple more hours. The great thing about this studio is.... they had art tables with everything you could image, and shelves around the room with different supplies. The also had easels, and a wall to paint on. They had many different building blocks, moon clay, molding clay, beading, and a yarn wall. Not only art but they had a music room, with different types of instruments. And everyday at 11am they have a music circle where they sing songs and move around. They also had a dramatic play area with puppets, costumes for dress up and kitchen area for play. Then there was the outside. sand and trucks, and table to sit and talk. You got all this for the one price. plus there were classes you could take for an extra price. Another great thing about this studio is that it is Non- Profit. Ever dollar taken in goes to a organization called the Tubman House; which serves young homeless parents and their children. It is a 18month transitional housing program for the Sacramento's youth and their children. So i guess i did not mind paying the pricey $16 for the day. But if you live in Sacramento or are visiting it is a place worth checking out. I think it said the cater to children 7 and under. Christopher did so many painting while we were there, but once he found the Moon Sand, he would not do anything else.

Grandma just took her HAIR right off her HEAD

My Mother is usually in her wig or one of her turbans i had for her. She loves the one with all the breast cancer logo's and saying on it. So this normally how Christopher seen her everyday too.

In this picture Christopher wanted to put a bandanna on like my mom. They were looking in the mirror, and Chris was laughing that he looked like his grandma.

Thanks mom for letting me take at least 2 pictures with just your naked head.

Ok so the funny story. Me and Jaime wanted to get out of the house one night that we were all staying with my mom. My told me she was sorry, that she was not thinking about how Christopher would react, but she came out of the bathroom and at the same time took off her wig. She said Christopher's eyes got really big as she walked into the room to put her wig on the manikin head. Christopher got off the couch looked at my mom and then at the wig. He was like were is your hair, it just came right off. LOL Then the last night we were there, me and Chris slept in bed with my mom. Right before we went to sleep, he looked over at my mom. She was bald. He said grandma's hair and rubbed her head.. needless to say i wanted to cry. My mom will have her 3rd chemo treatment in 1 week. The Dr's told my mom she would not lose her hair until after the 2nd one. But she lost it 3 days after the 1st. We love her just as much with or with out hair. She is still beautiful.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ok so..... On Oct 24th we are doing the Race for the Cure at Fresno State. Im looking for idea's for shirt saying for me, chris, my mom, and who ever else decides to join us... So here are some cute ones that i seen. and when i make some up, i will for sure post them. :)

You can Look.. I can Touch... Take care of your Boobies....
You can Look.. I can Touch... Take care of your TaTa's
I love my Boobs... I do the COLD METAL SQUEEZE every year
I love my Boobs... I do the BSE monthly....
Im a Boobman
I walk for my grannie
I walk for my grandma
I walk for my mother
I wear pink for my grandma
I wear pink for my mom
Walk for a cure
My mom survived so can yours
Please find a cure before i grow boobs.. "if i only had a daughter" LOL