Monday, September 20, 2010

Grandpa Tom's Birthday

My father turned 64 on August 25, 2010. He was not feeling up to driving that weekend, so we did not get to help him celebrate. He decided to drive over Labor Day weekend. Christopher wanted to throw a birthday party for someone, so i told him we could do it for papa Tommy. That morning Christopher helped bake and decorate cupcakes. He wanted different color ones. I wanted to make a cake, but Christopher said he don't like cake LOL. Christopher was so excited to help blow out the candles. I put some trick candles on there for my dad and him. The harder they blew, the bigger the flame. It took both of them awhile to figure out what was going on. LOL my father he is just like a child too. We should have waited until Sunday to have the party. Because my mother and my in-laws showed up for our lunch BBQ before Jaime had to go to work. It was really nice to see everyone, and they are only an hour away. So they can drive up anytime.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chimayo, New Mexico

Chimayo, NM will be my first blog post for the Espanola Valley. We visited the area in late early December while Jaime was training at Abiquio Lake, just north of Chimayo. The ground where beautiful, and we just had a winter storm the week before. The snow was still around in patches, but it was still in the low high 30's low 40's out. I did not take any pictures inside the church.
According to the story a farmer named Don Bernardo Abeyta, saw a strange light emanating from one of the hills near the Santa Cruz river, at ChimayĆ³. The farmer walked to the light and started digging with his bare hands and  he uncovered a crucifix in the ground. The story says he left the crucifix in the ground, and ran to the neighbor homes to bring them back. They ended up calling the priest from Santa Cruz. They were going to walk the crucifix back to Santa Cruz. To their surprise it was gone, and then brought back without them knowing. After several attempts to walk the crucifix back to Santa Cruz, it was decided it where they found it and build a small building over it. And that is what they did. People come from all over, because they say it has healing power. Family members would bring the sick there and pour the sand over them. The small room that was build over the crucifix is called "The Room of Miracles". Me and Christopher visited the room and it is quit an emotional place. I remember crying all the way back to the Inn where we were staying. I wanted to say a healing pray in general for our family and friends but i remember i did not know any. I do remember telling Christopher has he ran sand through his little finger, that no matter why or how he got sick i hope he made a quick recovery and stayed healthy throughout his life time. They say on Good Friday, that thousand of people come. It is beautiful to see year around. We were lucky enough to see it in winter and summer. I told the story as i remember it being told to me. After writing this blog i looked up the website.
El Santuario De Chimayo:

Great Memories.....

Ok so someone was over the other day and asking about all our pics on the wall. Most of them were from when we lived in NM and did alot of traveling. There is so many great memories that we had, and alot of great places we got see. I always do some referring back to the movie "Cars" we lived on the old Route 66. Some of that movie was based on the little town we lived in. So I'm thinking once a week i will pick a picture and tell the story......