Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oncotype DX test

So since my moms last surgery on August 6th we have been waiting patiently on test results to come in.... During that 2nd surgery my mother has 21 more lymph nodes take out. We found out that none of the lymph that were taken out that day had cancer. But it was the lymph node in her first surgery that were a concern. Since they took out so many lymph nodes, it is my understanding that she could get Lymphoma, since her breast cancer spread to her lymph nodes.
Shortly after surgery she started seeing a therapist that See's patients with lymphoma or that has had breast cancer and had a lot of lymph nodes taken out. For the past 2 weeks my mother has has 16oz of fluid drained from her left side were the lymph nodes were taken out. She still can not feel her arm pit, but soon we are hoping that she regains her sensations and feeling.
A few days after surgery they sent off lymph nodes for testing "Oncotype DX test"
Oncotype DX is a diagnostic test that assesses the tumor tissue and estimates the likelihood that invasive breast cancer will return, or recur after treatment. By analyzing the expression pattern of certain genes in breast tumors, the Oncotype DX test can more precisely estimate a woman's risk of cancer recurrence when compared with the standard assessments doctors normally use to evaluate the risk of cancer returning. The Recurrence Score is then categorized into one of three groups: low, intermediate, or high risk. For example, if a tumor has a Recurrence Score over 31, a high-risk score, this means there's a greater chance that the breast cancer will return. If a tumor gets a Recurrence Score of 18 or less, a low-risk score, this signals a lower chance that the breast cancer will return.
Using the Recurrence Score as a measure of risk, researchers now acknowledge a correlation between the score and the type of cancer treatment that is required. For example, with a low Recurrence Score, hormone therapy alone may successfully treat the woman's cancer. Alternately, a high Recurrence Score indicates a greater chance of the breast cancer returning, so the patient may benefit from adjuvant systemic therapy, including chemotherapy.

My mother score was a 21, this means she will need to do chemotherapy. She meets with the chemo doctor next week. The appointment will determined start date, chemo cocktail, and length of treatment. After chemo, she will then do radiation. And during this whole process she will also be doing hormone therapy. my mother will find out this Friday, what type of therapy she will be doing and how long. i will keep everyone updated...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Beach

Monterey, Ca

This summer Christopher & I met Grandma and Grandpa Ramirez in Monterey for the night. I thought the weather was going to be a lot warmer, so i told them we would met them down at the beach, where the Best Western is.
It was chilly out, but Chris enjoyed when i took him down to the water in my arms. He did enjoy being at the beach, and liked when the water hit his feet, but was not super crazy about going in him self. I think he would have liked it a lot more if it was warmer.