Thursday, November 6, 2008


Now the October is over and the chillie weather is closing in. This October Christopher has done so much, from the pumpkin patch (picking out his first little pumpkin), the corn maze & walking down the rows trying to find his way, to enjoying the harvest festival, and the truck n treat Halloween night. October was a time for new experiences and i time for enjoying new friends and family. Leaving October behind and gearing up for Christopher 2nd birthday party this November.

Christopher First trip to a PUMPKIN PATCH was on Daddy Birthday October 18th, 2008. The family went to Bear Creek Pumpkin Patch. Christopher got to pick out his first pumpkin.

Christopher was so silly when we went through the maze. But he did love it. though i think Jaime was getting a little mad that he did not want to move at the pace, his father wanted. But in the end we had a great time, helping each other through the maze, and safely getting back.

I would like to say one thing Halloween was a blast for the little one. Thanks to alittle inspiration from my neighbor and new friend, Christopher Costume turned out awesome. He got to play in a

jump house and get alittle candy for the trunk n treat. but he sure did have a wonderful time. well until the man taking the jump house came, then the crying and the screaming came. Then i know he had, had enough.

We went to the LDS church for their function and trunk n treat. Christopher loved the music more the the candy, and we ended up stay right in front of the DJ must of the night. But the dancing with his new best friend Merrick was priceless, and I'm just glad he had fun, because in the end that is what is most important.