Friday, September 25, 2009

A Little More Upbeat

Ok so enough with all the sad blogs.... Starting in October, i will be posting fun things.....

Chemo Hats

Hello, just wanted to share some chemo hats that i made for my mother. I hope she does not read this before they get to her. But if she does: i hope that you like them and wear them a lot, i remember hats are hard to make... But anyways, McCalls #4116 has a really good pattern with 8 different hats. Simplicity#8699 had some great one too, but overall i like the McCalls one before. I just felt my mother would wear more of those style hats. So like a said hats are harder than one thinks until they start making. Im sure i got better as the hats went on..
Black one, was the 1st one i made. i messed up alittle, but still came out great.
Really liked this material, it is silky and my mother wears alot of red.

The material was awesome. Black with little pink flowers embroider all over. i did the band around the head in solid black and the rest with the pink flowers.
This material was my favorite, it was a Breast Cancer Fabric, with pink ribbons, and saying on it. "hope, strength, love, live, laugh, faith,...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Shawna Kilbert Project: Women Helping Women Fight Cervical Center...

The Shawna Kilbert Project Family Fun Walk/Run
I feel very blessed that i was invited to participate in this wonderful event. Thanks to 2 moms that are on the committee Christie & Tracie; The community of people that have come together to help this project is amazing. So many people have been touched by this story, and so many that know her and did not know her, came to show there support for the community. I was able to walk with Christopher and volunteer an hour helping out in the Cotton Candy and Kettle Corn Booth. I wished i would have taken some more pictures, but i forgot i has my camera, and i was way to busy chasing Christopher around to snap anymore. But I'm sure they will have some up on their site, at some point. I know i emailed some of my girl friends, my mother, and my mother in law, but I'm really trying to help more in the community with women. i know everyday someone loses someone close to them. And since my mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, i realize that every dollar adds up. signing me and Christopher up is just a small % of what people need, but every dollar counts. I have learned that from H.O.W project. So i hope that our $40, will give someone a chance to live....and give family members and friends a chance to save a mother, grandmother, girlfriend, wife, sister, or someone they care about. check out her project at