Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another day older.... Another day wiser.....

Well your 30's aren't as bad as most say. Mine started off great with the birth of my son, so i cant be to disappointed. I cant say any of my last birthday have been to memorable. When i turned 30 in 2006, i was pregnant. I remember driving around about 8 drunk people all night, apparently my husband thought i would get a kick out of him throwing me a birthday party at a bar. When i turned 31 we lived in NM, Christopher was little, and there was nothing to do. When i turned 33 we still lived in NM, and there was still nothing to do. When i turned 34, we lived in Madera, and there was still nothing to do. Just kidding. Last year i had the stomach flu the day before. The day of my birthday Jaime, Angela, and Christopher took me to Cool Hand Luke's. I barely ate a thing. Afterwards my husband got a kick out of taking all of us to the drive in to watch "district 9" OK whatever, i would rather be sleeping, so that is what i did. Got back in the car, and went to bed.
Now this year was a whole different story. Our friends from college, that currently live in Socal wanted to make a Chico visit. Jaime thought it would be good to do it my birthday weekend. I could have not agreed more. I guess he is making up for the past 4 years. LOL I still love him or maybe it was me telling him, if this birthday is like the last 4, someone is getting there butts kicked.

First things first. I met Eric at his place and he took me to lunch at a place called Big Tuna. The sushi was really good. I had one glass of wine, since Jaime gave me a lunch drink limit on my own birthday. After lunch we went back to Eric's. He asked me if i wanted to watch District 9. Was he kidding me or had he talked to Jaime. Turns out he was not kidding, I declined his offer and we had drinks and watched True Blood instead.
That evening for dinner to my surprise many of our friends and our parents were at Josh and Kelly's. It was a great surprise, this picture is from Lynn. I asked her to take a picture of all us kids. And sure enough my dad jumped in. But he is still a kid so what can we say. I'm happy to report, the food was excellent, and my gifts were even better. Jaime got me a ipod touch. Maybe so i would stop using his. But hey now i don't have to be on the computer to check my email or facebook.

We started the night off at the 33 steak and booze. Our good friends Tyler and Lisa own the restaurant and bar. That is us with them taking shots of Jack Daniels. Don't ask me why, but that is their drink of choice. But I'm happy to report it went down smooth. Later that evening i was told Eric did something called the "3wisemen" which i also learned was a shot of Jack, a shot of Patron, and a shot of Jager. Yes he was still alive the next day, and going strong. We were all so luckily to have Big D aka Daniel grace us in his presence. We did not think we would see him during this trip. But we were happy that he made the 2hr trip home to see us.
This was at the end of the night. Jaime just wants to go to bed. Bryan went back out into the living room and joined in on Bible talk.

The next morning as we all rolled out of bed with hanging overs, we were gearing up for day 2 of my birthday weekend. After debating on where to go and what to eat. We ended up at Morning Thunder, and let me tell you no matter what time of day, you cant go wrong with this place.  After our meal, we headed over to Bidwell Park, to re tell  our stories of the "College Days". The boys dipped their feet in at the 1 mile, checked out all the hot college girls who were back in town, and then spied a old dude in speedo's hanging out on a bench. After our laugh, we headed up a trail along the creek. Where you can see a couple of hot guys laying out in the sun, and taking dips in the cold ass water. But it was a fun day. After a while we headed back to take naps, and get rested for our last night on the town.

After a well rested day and bloodly mary's... The four of us headed out... First stop Eric's Garden to take a couple pictures, I'm in love with the picture of Jaime and Bryan. Only because I'm not sure what the conversation was. Maybe they were laughing that i was being "Lily" again, as me and Jaime say. FYI Lily is the character on how i met your mother, and she is a freak about taking pictures and setting up the camera. Second stop Woodstocks, to get Amanda's Fav. After she ordered i think Jaime ate her pizza while she was in the bathroom. Third stop Chico State Baby... We walked around half drunk, dreaming of being college students again. We made many more stops at different bars that night. But the last picture was taken at LaSalles. I do remember talking about the Lemon throwing night and the long nights when they used to let us dance in the cages. But i also remember the single guy who took this picture. He was waiting for his rude friends who never showed up, He had like 3 pitchers of beer.  Our last stop of the night was trip #2 to woodstocks. I guess Amanda need her pizza fix.

They next morning was an interest one. We all woke up and it was like 10-1030am we were like WTF. We were all rushing around like we were late for work. LOL we all just wanted to see our little one. Amanda and Bryan still had a 8hr drive ahead of them. But more memories were made this weekend. Some untold....... and locked away in a vault, where Elaine Benes can't find George and the key. We laugh because 9 years ago on my Birthday Bryan and Amanda moved in above us in our apt on North Cherry. We invited them out with us and our friends for my birthday. It makes us happy that most of the people from this weekend were there 9 years ago too. I only turn 34 once, I'm pretty sure i made the best out of it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wow, the move is over... But the unpacking is not.....

It seems like it takes for ever to pack and then unpack again. We are here at our new place and enjoying our new life in Marysville. Our move went great, but the unpacking has been slow. I'm starting to miss my big kitchen in Madera, but as i start to adjust i will get over it. Our living room, dining room, and garage are all bigger. But we lost a bathroom and both rooms are smaller. Plus is we have a huge backyard for Christopher to play. We live on a busy corner, so it is hard for him to let him play out front alot. Another plus is that we live right across from a city park. Since our move it has been in the 100's and has been way to hot to go.
 Hopefully fall will soon arrive and we will get some play time in. But we cant complain to much, we are a hour from our parents. And only 45mins from friends in Chico, Roseville, and Sacramento. Life in the Ramirez house will get a easier once we settle in alittle more.
It has helped that Christopher started preschool. He loves going to see his teachers and new friends. Next week he will be going MWF. Today he met his new speech teacher Kelly. She works out of Kynoch School, which is only a block away. He starts next Tuesday. Jaime is enjoying being back at Englebright with the old crew.
We are ready to start new journey and trips with our Family and Friends in this area

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Christopher First Day of Preschool

Jaime and I have been checking out Preschools in the Yuba City and Marysville area since Jaime took the job at Englebright. We decided on a School Called Fusion Preschool Academy. They are opening a new school down the street from where we live in October. So for now we will drive him to the one in Yuba City. We decided on Tuesday/Thursday until the end of August. If he is adjusted in the 2 1/2 weeks then in September we will have him go Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Then when the new Fusion "Little Cone Zone" opens in October he will be going there 5 days a week. It is nice that we get to ease him into school instead of forcing him to go. This way he will be able to enjoy it and relax. It was funny when my mother was up on Monday I was telling her how happy i was he would be able to start Preschool. She said that i was going to be crying and all. I was like what ever. She said you'll see how hard it is to let him go and know that he is growing up.
Christoper's first day was On Tuesday August 17th. He needs to be there @ 830am. So we left our house about 815. After we crossed over the Yuba Bridge, i turned around to see what he was doing. He had a sad look on his face. I told him that we were going to his new school, he just shook his head yes. A couple seconds later he told him his tummy was hurting, and that he was not sure if he should go to school. I laughed "to my self" and told him he would be OK and that he would make a lot of new little friends, and he would get to sing, and learn. He just shook his little head yes. I reassured him, that after he ate lunch i would come pick him up. So when we pulled into the school, he told me his tummy hurt again. So i told him i would give him hug and kiss when we got out of the car. As soon as he was out of the car, he threw up twice. and then told me he was scared. I told him i loved him and he would be OK. I then told him that since he was not feeling well we could go home. He said he wanted to still go to school. ;)
So we went in and pretty much said our goodbyes and he looked happy to see the other child. He was for sure very nervous and cautious as he looked around, he had only been there once before on a tour. I could see that he was watching the other children and seeing what they were doing. He hugged and kissed me and i say goodbye.
Sure enough i was crying all the way home. It is hard to believe that Christopher has come so far,
since our move to California. Seeing him grow and learn more everyday. I did not take the camera inside with me, i was not sure since he got sick. I don't want him being uncomfortable. so here are the few i got before we left home.

PS Teacher said he did great the first day, listened well, and fit in great with the other children.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lake Tahoe 2010

Ok Everyone I'm so behind on my Blog. I guess that is what happens when you are packing and moving. The last week of July and the first week of August. Both our parents joined us in Tahoe. I will have to say we made alot of memories and we sure did enjoy our time together. Me and Jaime are very lucky to have parents that get along with each as well as us getting along with them. I tried to make sure i got alittle of everything, but the pictures are not in order. It was nice, each night someone was in charge of dinner. It made it nice to have others cooking. It was a great week and we are looking forward to doing it again every year.
Things we did........
  • Took a boat ride on the Tahoe Gal: got a tour of Emerald Bay and the history
  • Went to Kings Beach State Park a couple of times during our stay
  • Jaime went Mountain biking almost every day @ Martis Creek, which is a Corp camp ground near Truckee and Northstar ski resort
  • Went to dinner at Steams, Mini Golf, and then to Ice Cream one night
  • Jaime, myself, and the 2 moms went to the Casinos down the way, while Christopher stayed home with his 2 grandfathers.
  • Saw a bear up close, and had him return every night after to the cabin we were staying at
  • Went to Northstar for the day and to Truckee to walk around
  • Went to Squaw Valley USA one evening and rode the cable car to the top. That same night Christopher did the Sky Jumper which he loves.
  • On Saturday Jaime and I went to South Lake Tahoe: Did Improv and Hot August Nights. Christopher went bowling in Incline with Grandma Lynn and Papa Mark

Friday, August 6, 2010

Moving.....and the Stress of PCS

Ok i guess this one is way over due. As most of you know awhile back Jaime, turned down the Lake Mendocia Job. He wanted to hold out on a job in NorCal where both our parents live. Last month, he accepted the Natural Resource Specialist aka Park Ranger job at Englebright Lake up near Grass Valley. Jaime worked as a student at this lake when we were finishing up college at Chico State in 2002.  We were super excited, more than words can express. We were so excitied to move back to Cali in 08. But being down here in the Central Valley, still has held us back from seeing the people who we hold dear in our lives. Making new friends is not always a easy task. You find people are always not that welcoming. Though me and Jaime have been lucky to always find and keep friends. I hope the ones we have found here, we will continute to communicate with.
Everyone that worked there when he was a student is still there. Also another fellow student ranger Josh, has also come back to the lake. That makes it nice, because we have remained friends with him and his wife Kelly. So just knowing that all of our friends will be a hop, skip, and a jump away is teriffic. And not to mention our HS and college friends that we have met on our journey.  Most of stayed in the area, and we can enjoy being close with them again.
Moving.... I have never got stress about Jaime and him wanting to move all over. His work is great about coming to our home and packing us up, and driving or household goods to the new location and the need unpacking. Who can really complain when all of this is going on. On that note, we have never moved in the summer time. It has always been in early fall or winter. After Jaime received his travel order, we called the base in CO. who would be assisting with our move. The lady who we talk to said they were backed up do to summer moves, 3 to 4 weeks backed up. She suggested Jaime move his start date. We were like i don't think so. She the only other opinion was to move our self...
And sooo... The stress Begins... Packing is not easy when you have a 3 year old. So anybody who has moved with small children i give you credit.. "I can hear people laughing at this point..." as a friend told me last week. "Crystal, all normal families move themselves, so stop being so selfish." Ouch.... i guess I'm totally spoiled. I guess i still have no complaint, they are paying for everything.
So with boxes all over the house... Life is starting to be more stressful Only 7 more days in Madera. Should i be happy or sad or maybe alittle of both.
PS i know i was babbling when i wrote this.