Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad

Like always there is way to many pictures to post. So I'm going through trying to figure out which one's people will enjoy the most. Jaime and I always seem crazy busy. But during the winter they close this place down, so we have not had a chance to take Christopher up that way. I will have to admit, i don't think Jaime get excited over trains, as must as Christoper and I do. LOL But Jaime's parents love to get out and take road trip. So it was a perfect time to spend their last day in town, driving up to Fish Camp and Bass Lake.

It was a nice 1 hours train ride, through 4 mile round trip of sierra forest. We went up to a little camp were they do a moonlight special with camp fires, etc. The train had to get more water for the trip back to the station, so we were able to get out and walk around.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy 10 years and Counting......

It is crazy how time flies... 16years ago, i graduated HS.I will admit, it was not a easy 16years. My Senior year, i met Jaime. Even though he was 2 grades below me, I some how felt a connection with him. With me being in College and Jaime still in HS, our relationship was challenged many of times. But somehow, we also worked it out, and stayed together. After Jaime graduated we moved in together. Alittle over 2 years after Jaime graduated from HS he proposed to him, and 2 years after that we got married. We made the choice to have a small wedding out of town. but 34 people joined us in Vegas. Our closes family, and our best friends. Jaime and I could not asked for a better time. After 10 years, we are still best friends. We still have our challenges though they are different from the ones when we were young. We still work out the differences and remain best friends. I think that is what you need in a great relationship. Friends first. If you agreed on everything what would be the point right. I cannot complain about a single thing. We have done so many great things over the last 16year, and the last 10years, have been some of the best times of my life. I only hope our next 10 years, or even 16years lives up to what we have experiences together. Like i said before... 10 years ago i married my best friends, and i love him now more than anythings. Thanks Jaime.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park

One camping trip that i remember going on has a child was to SNP. Since we have lived in the Central Valley i have wanted to take Christopher but we never find the time. Now that we are leaving the area, it has been on our top things to do. Since Mark and Lynn have never been we decided to take them one day while they were in town staying with us. There was alot of pictures taken during this trip and I'm sorry i can not show they all to you, but here are the ones from each of our stops.
Our first stop on the trip was at the Hume Lake Ranger Station.
Our next stop on the road trip was Kings Canyon Visitors Center @ Grant Grove Village. I'm alittle disappointed that we did not walk out to the General Grant Tree. But we seen alot of beautiful things that day.
Our next stop along the way was at the Redwood Mountain Overlook: redwood mountain grove. Which is the largest grove of Sequoias in the world. It was a pretty cool view. Christopher found some bugs and was pretty happy.

So as we are moving on down the "Generals Hwy" we came to a turn out, and decided to stop at the last minute. Turns out this is the Lost Grove. It was our first group of pretty large trees, it was just awesome to see. The picture right about this where Mark is at: "The 3 Sisters" that is what Mark named those tree behind him. The where all kinda grown together. There was a big tree at the top of the hill that Chris and I climbed up in. He said it was too dark mama, in there, he wanted to leave. Another great thing about the area, was the wildflowers they were so colorful, and they were everywhere.


General Sherman Tree trail: It was cool to see the largest tree in the World, Yes the world. As you can tell from the pictures, we are so tiny compare, with the massive creatures. It is amazing to witness the beautiful world around us.

Next stop was the Giant Forest Museum: We ate lunch tailgate style. We went through the museum and learned many interesting facts about the area. We got to see the sentinel tree and drove through tunnel log. Other things we seen were auto log. A tree had fallen, and our guess is they used it for a bridge along time ago.
Moro Rock was our last stop inside the park. We climbed 400 steps up to the top of a huge granite dome. We could see the great western divide, a crest of 13,000 foot peaks capped by snow. It is the largest dome in the park. But the 360 degree view is one of the best i have seen. This side of Half Dome that is.
After waiting 45mins in Road work, we headed out of the park, and down into Three River. Jaime wanted to check out Lake Kaweah, which is a Corp lake at the base of the valley in a small town called Lemon Cove.  Our Friend Valerie McKay works there, and we figured this might be our only time to visit her at work. To our surprise we ran on to our Friend Adam who works at Pine Flat, and Skip who is the Senior Ranger at Englebright. It was a great surprise to see them both. So we hassle Skip about Jaime start date, but nothing new.