Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Being Silly Monkey's

I Love the times were Chris and I can let loose and have fun. We have been dancing and jumping on the bed. He loves it. Now he always wants to turn itunes on. He loves to dance to the song "Down" it just cracks me up. I love you little peanut. BTW he has Peanut Butter and Jelly all over his face. He will not tell me wash his face. He says Chris's turn mama. This day he decided that he washed his face good enough. And it was not worth the fight.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've got BALLS

Ok so this last week my parents were here. Christopher said he had to go pee. After the toilet flushed, i hear him ask Jaime. "Whats that" Jaime replies, "your balls"
I'm trying so hard not to laugh, along with my mother who is in the kitchen with me. Christopher then comes out of the bathroom with no underwear on. Mama Mama. Yes Christopher i say, "Mama i got Balls." I said, " That is nice to know Christopher thanks for sharing." he moves on to my mom. "grama grama Chris got balls," he says. My mother replies, "That good to know, not alot of guys have got balls." laughter feels the kitchen and everyone is laughing. Christopher is stilling running around with no underwear telling everyone he has balls. Finally my dad who cant obvious hear. Asked what is going on. Chris walks up points at his Balls and says, "Papa i got balls." My dad is like i think something is wrong with his balls. LOL
I say, "dad you crack me up, he is telling you he has balls"
"Oh" my dad says. "And yes you have 2 of them"
Christopher runs to dad. Daddy I have 2 Balls.
That's My Boy and My Family.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Easy Heart Garland Project

Ok this was an awesome project. My girlfriend Jenna from college posted it on her blog. Jenna always has great ideas and gifts. . Jenna got the idea from
If you are ever looking for new ideas check out Jenna page. Thanks for inspiring me Jenna.
The project was very easy. i think the longest thing was cutting out the hearts but the sewing only took a few minutes to do. As you can see i made 2 of them. One for the table by the front door, "Baby Hearts" for Christopher. And then the other to go across the mantle.

Baking with Love and Hearts

Baking with love is what i love to do with Christopher. He loves to be in the kitchen with me. Since this boy cant keep his hands out of the flour, i love to put him to work. This year we made heart shaped sugar cookie in all different sizes. Mommy made sugar cookie sandwiches with heart cutouts and home-made cream cheese frosting. Yum Yum Mommy Favorite. Lastly we made vanilla cupcakes with the same cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. Another one of Chris's Favorites. Thanks for all your help little man. Mommy loves you.

Happy Valentines Day: Arts & Crafts

This year Christopher was totally into Valentines Day. He loved most those "baby hearts". He wanted mommy to cut out so many baby hearts. mama baby hearts. I don't know how many times i have heard that this month. But i did enjoying hearing it. His face lite up every time he seen a heart. He enjoyed making lots of valentines for all his family and friends. I never thought i would get sick of glitter and glue. That is all he has asked for in the last week. We finally ran out of glitter thank goodness. I was also wanting to use some materials up, that i have had for awhile. SO i helped Christopher paint some thing too. And everything came out great. Here are some of the arts and crafts that we have done over the month. I Love You Christopher, mommy had so much fun making everything with you

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Part 2 of losing sight....

Im sitting here thinking of what i just wrote, and another GF of mine came to mind. she came by my home today i told me she needed to buy new clothes. I was like why? don't you have enough? She said she had plenty, but she had went out with another GF of ours and some of her friends a couple weeks back. The friends told her she dress like a clown. WOW... I asked what she was wearing for them to say that to her? She told me and it did not seem like anything out of the ordinary. I told her don't go buying clothes to prove something to someone who does not mean a damn thing to you. You are who you are and you should not have to change your clothing for someone to like you or want to hang out with you. They either like you or they don't. your clothes have nothing to do with how nice you are, or how you treat other.. PERIOD..... Sometimes in life we must make compromises, this is not one of those times. Why should i ever think i dress better than someone else? or like wise. It think someone can look nice wearing a $25 outfit or a $225 outfit. It is not the price of the clothes. Is it because they fill they are better than her or know more than her? who knows. Since the economy has went to shit. It seems like a hear this more and more. I don't have a house, a don't drive a fancy car, and cant buy $200 jeans, etc, etc, etc... If you are hanging around people who care solely on these things in life, then you are clearly not friends and you are hanging with the wrong people. Don't get me wrong i love to have nice things and yes i have spent $300 on a pair of sunglasses. But i also have never in my life spend over 29.99 on a pair of jeans, nor will i ever. And i also would never tell anyone that they looked and dressed as a clown unless it was Halloween. And i would never tell anyone they needed new clothing unless they seriously did, and at that point they would probably need money to help buy new ones. Read my last blog.... And don't lose sight of life, who you are, and what is important to you.....

Losing Sight!!!!

Its funny these last couple of weeks that is... I was adding a GF of mine from High School Brandy Smith to my blog. I inspired her to start a blog, so that she could share with her family the things that are important in our everyday life. Things that the grandparents and other family don't often get to see. I read her blog the first week she did it, and i was glad to have her on at blog spot. Well the last couple of weeks in the Ramirez's Home have been interesting to say the least. Today after i was adding her, i re-read are blog. I will for sure have to say we have lost sight to what is important, get for a split second. She talked about what is important for her family this year, and how they are trying to teach their children what is important in life. That nothing is impossible, and everything is within reach. It is so true our family, our children, and us are important. In US i mean me and Jaime. It is really all that matter's. And sometimes we lose sight of what is important. I'm glad i was able to re-read that blog, to realize i need to get back on track. Thanks BS

Chris fought the Flour and the Flour DIDNOT win

Ok so the other day Jaime came home from work, and Christopher pants were in the bathroom floor. He asked "what is up with these pants?" i said, "What pants?" " The pants that are white, that which ones." He laughed, from the bathroom. "OH THOSE PANTS!!!!"
Well... "Christopher got into a fight with the flour... You should have seen the flour.... Lets just say the flour did not win the fight with Chris.
Then i knew i needed a final shot of those pants. It will be a great thing to remember down the road.
Christopher you bring us laughter and joy everyday. You warm our hearts with all that you do. Even when mommy is cleaning up after you all day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monterey Bay 2010

It been close to 1 year since Christopher went to Monterey Bay. Last year me and daddy took him Valentines day weekend. This year daddy had his Ranger Conference there. We are so blessed to be able to travel with Jaime when he gets to travel for work. We are guess that this was our last Ranger Conference with Dad, next year Christopher will be in pre-school. But anyhow. we had a great trip. Grandma and Grandpa Ramirez came for the week. Though it was raining alot we still got out to do many things. I was lucky enough to go to the aquarium 2 days. Once with Christopher and once with Jaime's work. USACE got a back door look at the aquarium and got classroom time that i was able to sit in on. That was a major highlight. We also got to eat lunch at Phil Fish Market. Me and Jaime have been dying to eat there since we seen it on Bobby Flay's Throw Down. Short drive out to Moss Landing and worth every minute of it. Another highlight of the trip for me was hang out on the beach at night. Since we were right there anyways and it was only a walk away. Christopher could not sleep and some of the Ranger's made a bond fire and were sing music. Christopher loved it. The singing and dancing. Made his night.