Sunday, April 26, 2009

Running for Life

(Crystal & Aly)

Ok so last night i was up thinking about running.. Don't ask me why but i was.... For those of you who have known me for a long time, know that I'm no RUNNER....But with in the last couple of months i have started running. I mean in my life time i have loved to work out, go to the gym get on the treadmill for 20 - 30 minutes run. Get off lift weights and so on. In the past "meaning Pre-mini Ramirez" i have always been able to keep in pretty good shape because me and my husband love the outdoors. Biking, hiking, swimming, and any outdoor sports. I i used to love to mountain bike. But who has the time with a 2 year old. And lets not kid our selves i cant image me taking him up the Gondola at North Star and downhill riding with him. Don't get me wrong, i want him to love those things too. But we need something now that we can do together. lately we have been walking/hiking. In the last few months i also have been running. 2-3 miles with Chris outside. but I'm not sure if i could run 5 miles with him or not, i just don't have that sort of time, to find out even if i can. But come on walking even 2-3 miles is a great way to stay in shape, when you are pushing a stroller. so here it is......

I guess my over all goal is to stay in shape for life... My number 1 goal, is to teach my son that being healthy can be fun, and also will keep you in shape. So in our household or any household parents should model that for there children. Bottom line is you will live and longer and happier life... Since January i have lost a totally of 22 pounds. I want to keep it off since I'm having no more babies. i want Christopher to grow up, thinking this is a normal part of life, "Just like going to college" I don't want him to stop eating good food and exercising.

Crystal Plan

  • at least once a month, run for a cause that will benefit something important to me. Whether it children, a cure, animal rights, abuse women, etc.

  • at least once during the year run with Christopher

  • at least once during the year run as a Family: Crystal-Jaime-Christopher

  • at least once this year, get our family to do a 2 mile fun walk.

  • do a 5k

  • do a 10k
Just keep in mind that we all have 2 miles in us to walk. and for those of us that go to the gym, come 5k is not that far most of us can run that in 30mins. So think about getting your family on the right track....i was getting stressed about what my time will be, and can i get a better time they next. But now i see that I'm out running and as long as i cross the finish line I'm a winner.
My Planned Runs
  • Mother's Day Run: May 9th, Benefits: Greater Madera Kiwanis Local Youth Projects
  • Cross the River Run June7th, Benefits: Greater Madera Kiwanis Local Youth Projects
  • Miracle of Miles of Quarters June 13th, Benefits: Children’s Hospital Central California
  • July ?
  • August?
  • Smokey the Bear run Sept 27th Bass Lake, Benefits: area runners
  • Race for a Cure Oct 24th, Benefits Breast Cancer
(C & A Run for the Reef April 18th, 2009)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Time and the Beautiful Weather

Spring Time Weather....... This last week has been a long one, the weather has has it's ups and downs. But the last several days have been so beautiful. These are the days that i have surely missed in the passed 2 years being away from California. Now that we are back, im not going to take this life for granted. I have been wanting to post these pictures since easter but i have not got around to it. Now that we are living in a place with all the sunlight anyone could ask for, i started planting again.

The Plant below me, for father gave to me as a gift in 2005, and when me and Jaime left for New Olreans in 2006 my mother take it in for me.

And this Easter she brought it back for me, she has said it needed to be replanted, so as you can see i put i new plant in its pot, and bought a larger one for it, and you can so it down below.. Now i have four beautiful plants around the house, that just brighten up our days.... Christopher just loves helping water and take care of them. Hopefully his future girlfriend/wife will appericate everything im teaching him.......
If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.— Anne Bradstreet

Easter 2009

Easter 2009
We had a wondeful Easter this year. Me and Jaime were so thankful that we were here in California. We could not ask for anything more. I was happy that my mom made the trip down to see us for Easter. Christopher was excited to see her. He was way more into it this Easter. He loved looking for all the eggs. It was so cute everytime he found one, he shook it to see what was in it. That evening after my mom left... Jaime had planned a BBQ out at his Lake with our great friends. We are so glad that they are in our life, and that we were able to celebrate with them too. I wish i had taken more pics, but sometime when you are having a great time, you forget you even have a camera. Here are some of chris i took during the day. and one that i took of him out at the lake playing. We decided to take some of his big trucks out there this time. And he enjoyed it so much, he just loved to get dirty.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yosemite National Park April

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Valley From Wawona Tunnel

When we left that day the clouds moved in and the rain came........

The Family Checking out the Ahwahnee Hotel....Christopher enjoyed climbing in the tree and running around the open land.....

We had a wonderful time exploring Lower Falls, Chris loved the little hike over the rocks and out to the end... I wish it was not raining we would have been able to hike some more....

These last 3 pictures are of our Hike to Bridalveil Falls....Man it was so misty when we got right under the Falls. Im so glad that we went in the spring time, so we could see all the water falls. We have heard that Bridalveil is the first to dry up... Looking forward to our next trip back up there...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

KIDS FISH DAY Hensley Lake

Kids Fishing Day Hensley/Eastman 2009
What a wonderful thing the Corp does for the community.... The annual fish day.. This Year Ranger Alyson was in charge, and i must say you can tell she has her master's in Education. Aly did a great good planning so many fun and educational activities for children of all ages. Those families who missed it sure did miss out. We are so excited next year for this event. Keith you better live up to Aly's.. Jaime's parents came down for the weekend, and Grandpa Mark helped Chris fish. His little Car's pole to cute. Though he had a much better time throwing the bobber and the pole in the water, I would say it did great being his first time fishing. I think he did a good job reeling his pole in. When it was time to start the activities up in the parking lot, Chris even had a better time. The Ranger's all did a great job with education the children and the families on water safety. Here are some pics of Chris and the Rangers.

Christopher Putting his pole in the water..

Grandpa Ramirez showing him how to reel the pole slow and bring it in.

Mommy showing him where his bobber was..

Ok it fishing was fun, by throwing the bobber and pole were way better.

Ranger Keith from Eastman, was thinking children about hypothermia. He has a bucket of ice, and children were to hold there hands in the water, for 1 min. Christopher lasted all of 3-5 secs. it was cold.

Terry and Adam. Showed Christopher the right way to wear his life jacket. And told us why it so important for children to learn to swim.

Ok Ranger Woody, was teaching the children different ways to save other in the water...

here he was being saved by other child, he loved getting the water thrown on him...

Ranger Alyson, asking children questions, to earn extra tickets for the wonderful raffle. Christopher won new tackle boxes and a pizza from round table.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finished Projects........

Here are just some of the project's that i have been working on, and have just finished.

A: is for Aly, our friend just got her place, and this was her welcoming gift from the Ramirez's
I hate white walls, so i made the R for our place before i made Alyson's.

I put it in the kitchen with our cookbooking and vases, i think it looks great

Then i made Chris some letters for his room with Thomas theme

And his room could not be complete without his new Thomas roll down shade..

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air. I love the weather it has been so nice. We are looking forward to all the wonderful days we will get to spend at daddy's lake and all the camping trips that lie ahead. Christopher just loves being outdoors roaming the great land, and doing has he pleases. He notices all the flowers blooming, the butterfly's and bee's flying, and the tree's moving in the wind. He loves to just get out and run.... We are also looking forward to Kids Fishing day at Hensley Lake this coming Saturday, and all the trips to the Zoo.