Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas is a time for family.........

What better time than Christmas to learn about your family.....

With Christmas approaching, i thought it would be a wonderful idea to make a family tree. So Christopher and i worked on it together for our weekly project. "lets just say, he didnot do as much, as he told me he would" lOl But it was sure alot of fun. I started out by finding pics of everyone in our family. Me-Jaime-both our parents. Joe-Tamra and the Kids. & you cant forget Leon. We also included Christopher GodParents Lucy and Hector. So atleast Once a day me and him sit down and go over everyone in each picture. and if he wants to do it more than once a day is totally ok too. But it sure is a joy to watch his little face lite up when he see's people he knows. Including him self. He is finally starting to say Christopher. I hope you enjoy these pics as much as we did making it......

Christopher is helping mommy fix the pictures and get the names ready

Standing proud and tall in front of his family tree.
There is my family........

Ok im outta here......

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Be Thankful and Giving Thanks

Just me and my little family. This year i sure im thankful, for being bless to have a great family. One that is there when you need them, even if it is the little things, (like loses your kitties) and also for the big things. Christopher sure is thankful to have 2 sets of wondeful grandparents that want to be part of his life and give him so much love and caring. It is just so nice to be back in California for the holiday's and to get to spend it will family and friends. Me and Jaime are very grateful not only to have a wonderful family, but a great set of friends that are like family, and that treat us and christopher as part of there own family. And im glad that he will get to grow up around all the great people in our lives. Thank you for being a part of us and and family. Remember the holiday's are about giving not getting, so be happy and make this holiday season one to remember....
Our little peanut has grown so much since last year at thankgiving, can you believe he is already 2. He is such a good little guy. Sometimes a handful, but over all a great child at heart, who loves life and knows how to have fun.

Sometimes you have got to just stop and smell the sweet roses........................................

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Now the October is over and the chillie weather is closing in. This October Christopher has done so much, from the pumpkin patch (picking out his first little pumpkin), the corn maze & walking down the rows trying to find his way, to enjoying the harvest festival, and the truck n treat Halloween night. October was a time for new experiences and i time for enjoying new friends and family. Leaving October behind and gearing up for Christopher 2nd birthday party this November.

Christopher First trip to a PUMPKIN PATCH was on Daddy Birthday October 18th, 2008. The family went to Bear Creek Pumpkin Patch. Christopher got to pick out his first pumpkin.

Christopher was so silly when we went through the maze. But he did love it. though i think Jaime was getting a little mad that he did not want to move at the pace, his father wanted. But in the end we had a great time, helping each other through the maze, and safely getting back.

I would like to say one thing Halloween was a blast for the little one. Thanks to alittle inspiration from my neighbor and new friend, Christopher Costume turned out awesome. He got to play in a

jump house and get alittle candy for the trunk n treat. but he sure did have a wonderful time. well until the man taking the jump house came, then the crying and the screaming came. Then i know he had, had enough.

We went to the LDS church for their function and trunk n treat. Christopher loved the music more the the candy, and we ended up stay right in front of the DJ must of the night. But the dancing with his new best friend Merrick was priceless, and I'm just glad he had fun, because in the end that is what is most important.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Expressing Your Self

Christopher really does love to paint & since the move i have been trying harder to get supplies out and in his hand. It is just so hard being in an apartment. And some times i feel like i have so many other things to do. These Pics where from a couple of weeks ago. Last night, he brought me watercolors and paper. So before he went to bed we set him up to paint.

I do believe that letting young children explore art is great for so many things. Small motor, cognitive abilities, imagaition, teaching them expression, and how to be indepentent. There are so many activites realated to art you can weave into these projects.

.......My goal for the rest of the year is to get the art supplies out atleast 4 of 7days during the week.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Going from Tucumcari, NM to Merced. Just a little peice of Nature is all you need. Living in a larger town. Has it's Perks and it's downfalls. But you can always find something that takes you back to nature, something that is right in front of you.