Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Things.....

Christopher is doing great ;) he starts speech therapy on Monday Morning. The teacher will come to our home twice a month. But Christopher really is starting to talk more. Everyday i say : I wish he was putting more words together. Well my wish come true. The other night we were watching Basketball with daddy and chris wanted to do bubbles. So i got the bubbles out and we blew them for quite awhile. after about 20mins mommy said. ok say bye bye to the bubbles mommy is tired. So Chris says bye bye bubbles, as he waves. So i put the top on and sat it next to the chair. Im not kidding when i say it is like and 16-20oz bottle of bubbles. Next thing i know Christopher has the bubble, took off the lid, and started pouring them.
My response was "OH SHIT CHRISTOPHER"
Chris says: Oh shet
Jaime says: there goes your mother with oh shit.
Chris: Oh Shet, Oh shet, Shet, shet
Jaime: LOL did you just say SHIT chris.
Chris: NO shet.
MOM: stop saying that, it is a naughty word.
Christopher continues to say to while jaime laughs for the next 20-30mins. even after aly comes.

same night christopher has kixs, and is walking and falls dumps them allover the ground.
Chris says Oh shet mama
later on that night, i say its time for bed
Chris says No oh shet

Today on the way home from Soccer, Jaime slams on the brake. I yell jaime, and say dang.
Christopher yells from the back seat. Oh shet dadda

So there you have it, his next 2 word combo...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railroad

Trains....Trains.....& more Trains......
Christopher was in heaven on saturday when we took a morning drive out to Hillcrest in the small town of Reedly, Ca. As we pulled in to the parking lot, i rolled Chris's window down so he could get some fresh air. Before he know it, he heard the sound of a steam engine blowing its whistle. He yells train, train, mama train. We park the car and he gets out and is looking all over the place for the trains, he cannot see them, but he can sure hear them. He is running in circles waiting for me to get out things together. After the short hike up the hill and he saw the mini steam trains he lost it. To much for this little guy to handle. He did not want to wait for anything. Trains here and there. We had a wonderful day, and both out looking forward to returning in the fall for thier pumpkin patch, or during the winter for christmas

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Lilman Christopher

Christopher Update: I just wanted to write a quick note of christopher's health, we took him yesterday to see a ENT at Children's hospital. Good news is that the fliud in Chris's left ear is not there anymore. We are getting his hearing tested again in 1 month, and see the ENT the same day. We thought that Chris was alreadying starting Speech Therpy, but i guess we were wrong. He will be starting this month. His has already changed so much. He is using more and more sign language everyday. And not only that but his vocabulary is getting larger too. Everyday is is learning a new word or new activity. It makes me and Jaime very exicted. Remembering back to when he was just a little guy and was changing so much. Hopefully i the next week we will enroll in classes with CVRC and EPU. He starts Soccer and Swim lessons in the upcoming month. So much lies ahead for us, but i know Christopher is a bright, happy, and over all healthy little boy. And we all love him so much. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Santa Fe NM Trip


It was sure nice to get away, even if it was back to NM. j/k we both love santa fe very much and it was nice to visit there again. Even though i had seen alot already, i was glad to have a few days to my self to relax with Jaime and Christopher (during the day anyways) I was lucky enough that i was able to attend Jaime's outting with the Corp. This year we went to Cochiti Lake. This Lake is also ran by the Army Corp of Engineers, but me and jaime never went out there when we lived in NM. The lake shares the land with the Pueblo de Cochiti.

If anyone is interested above is a couple of websites. Anywho, after being shown around the Corp project, we were shuttled out to a place called kashe-Katuwe Tent Rock National Monument. We were able to hike around some of the trails they had. The pictures above are from the Canyon Trail. A oneway trail that lead to the top of the valley, where you could see Cochiti Lake and Much more. Im thankful that i was invited with them it was a beautiful place. Wish we had more free time to wonder around

Christopher First Mountain Bike Race

Hensley Lake Mountain Bike Race
This last weekend Daddy started working weekends, So me and Chris headed out to Hensley Lake where our Friend Aly works. They were having a mountain biking race. Knowing that Chris enjoys bike rides with daddy, i decided to take him to watch. He loved watching the Men and Women come in down hill and race to the finish line. He also loved picking all the wildflowers. He loved seeing all the Park Rangers and Giving loves to the big dog that was out there. We are both looking forward to the kids fishing day that the lake is holding in April. Shortly after getting home from this trip Christopher got his first bike. Maybe he will take after Daddy or Mommy in the love for riding off road trails... More to come with chris's biking riding..